Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enzo just turned 4!

Yup, my baby boy is 4-month old today. He must have known this is "his" special day as he was awake already even before I left for work (which is not his daily routine). I will be cooking spaghetti later tonight when I get home and I'll get him his cake too.
What Enzo can do at 4-months?
- He started turning last January 12, 2008
- His first real laugh last January 16, 2008
- He knows how to tell mommy & daddy that he wants to be carried... how? He pushes his body upwards.
I'm looking forward to the many firsts in my boy's life.

Since I don't have yet a picture of him at 4-months, let me share with you first some of his older pictures so you can see how he has changed and still remain as cute & adorable as ever.

(28 October 2007) My superhero at 3-weeks old.

(07 November 2007) 1st-Month Birthday.

(10 November 2007) During Enzo's 2nd visit to his pedia.

(07 January 2008)
Enzo at 3-months.

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