Sunday, June 2, 2013

I miss blogging...

I hope I have the time to go back and blog away...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It’s time to Party… Party: The Birthday Attire

Please forgive me – na-LSS lang ako because my eldest kept on singing this song plus that “Gangnam Style” song to boot.  I don’t know exactly if “Gangnam Style” is the title of that song but my son (and I saw even his playmates in our condo) is fascinated with it.  You should see my son dance to that tune.  He is truly adorable.  I will try to take a video of him when he does that hahaha!

Going back to my post, I will try my best to finish the supplier ratings for my youngest son’s 1st birthday party last September 9 (Sunday).  I will do this one supplier per entry so that it is manageable.

The Birthday Attire

Our theme is Super Mario Bros.  Rafa doesn’t have a choice yet and since Enzo loves anything Mario, we opted for this theme.  Hubby told me Mario is older than Luigi which is why Rafa is the one wearing the Luigi costume.  Both costumes were made by Cargins Costume.  Suki na kami dito since Enzo’s 1st birthday party.  Imagine, he turned 5-years old already.  They also did the Halloween costumes for Enzo in the past – Wolverine, Buzz Lightyear.

This Nike Jordan 11 shoes is a hand-me down.  It was a gift for Enzo by his ninong Mac, my husband’s younger brother.  Parang bago lang diba!  Enzo used it when he was still trying to figure out how to walk on his own (December of 2008).

We also had a mini-family pictorial before the party started.  Buti we decided to come to the venue with this attire first before we had the kids changed to their Super Mario Bros costume.  Otherwise, we will not have time anymore for any outfit change.
Both polo were bought in RL including hubby’s.  Enzo's shoes is a steal which I got on sale in Converse.  Mine is a dress from Tango.  I like it’s fit kaya I went back to Tango if they have other colors I would like kaya lang puro light colors na.  This lovely family picture is courtesy of the famous GingLorenzo.  That would be for another post.

The birthday boy in his Luigi costume.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

my own Le Pliage... from London with love

This is the one I'm telling you about that I got through my cousin who lives in the UK.  Her mom was there early this year for a vacation so I asked a favor if she can buy for me and just bring it when she comes end-September.
So there... this is my 3rd Le Pliage.  I have the purple one I bought as souvenir from my last job.  Then after 4 months, I got a red one I can use everyday in the office.  That was my lame excuse hahaha! :p  Though it has been use too often really that I still need to have the zipper fix... oh well!  I bring that red one on rainy days na lang.

This is a combination or Orange with Chocolate strips... lovely piece right?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rafa’s Birthday Wish List

Hala!  We have received a couple of messages and texts asking us of what they can buy as gifts for Rafa.  I used to register special occasions through the gift registry of SM, Rustan’s and Mothercare.  Some guests have told me that it’s easier that way – they will be able to get something that they know the child needs (or what mommy wants for her kid teehee!).  So what I do before is choose from a wide selection.
It’s just that I don’t have much time to register Rafa for his 1st birthday.  But for those who are still asking us, here are some of our suggestions:
1.      Johnson’s Baby Bath (the boys share this so between the two of them, they consume a lot!)
2.     Pampers’s Large (orange)– Rafa currently uses Medium but he might outgrow it if we receive tons of medium diapers hihihi!
3.     Huggies Pants Large – Because Rafa now knows how to pull the tape from the regular diapers and does it quite often to our yaya’s dismay hahaha!
4.     Avent 9oz. bottles

5.     Avent #4 Fast Flow Nipples (6m++)

6.      Avent Hard Spout (12m++)

7.      Avent Decorated Cup with Toddler Spout (12m++)

8.      Or the Nuby No-Spill Twin Handle Cup
9.      The ever-durable crocs will be nice (size 4-5)

10.   Richell’s Baby Snack Case (for an OC mom like me!)

11.   Clothes like shorts and shirts

There!  Or whatever you feel Rafa would appreciate… See you at the party.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching Up with Monthly Birthday Posts: 11th Month

Barely a month to go and our bunso will turn 1 already.  Imagine that - time flies really fast!  Sharing with you guys his 11th monthly birthday celebration.  For sure, we will miss the monthly cakes but not the extra pounds teehee!

Best-ever Bananalicious Pie from Conti's
The traditional blowing of cake!
As Gollum would say - "My Precious!"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Up with Monthly Birthday posts: 10th Month

I'll just show you pictures ayt?!

Dome Cake by Starbucks este Purple Oven!

The birthday boy @10months

Shot with kuya Enzo

Friday, August 17, 2012

Anniversary Lunch at People's Palace, Greenbelt

That's Rafa's toy!
This is both our first time in People's Palace even though I have been working opposite Greenbelt for most of my career.  I have heard good reviews of the place - they say 'even better than Mango Tree' but I couldn't compare as we haven't tried that one too.

So after our passport application in DFA, we trooped to Greenbelt because hubby was buying me the bag. Since we were there at noon time, we don't have time to choose where to eat so I asked hubby if he wanted to try Thai food.

Here is what we ordered. We both love the food - hands down! It do come with a hefty price for a small serving but it's worth the taste. We're are still drooling as I type this post. I'd like to go back there and soon hayz!

Stir-Fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts

Hubby's Fave - Panaeng Curry of Beef

I love - Crispy Lapu Lapu Fillet

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My "one in a lifetime" found a new pal!

Personalized with my own initials...LVoe it!
Remember my post 2 years ago - my Neverfull MM who I thought will just be my "one in a lifetime bag" found a new pal - the Speedy 30 in monogram.  Yey!  In time for our 14th Year Anniversary since hubby and I started officially going out.  Thanks hubby for the splurge.

So my bag purchases will now take a backseat until 2013.  I have just recently got the Tory Burch then I have another loot from London by end-September.  So there's a point to really say "PAUSE!" (not "STOP" - I might eat my words later on hahaha!).

I got the Speedy 30 because it's the most practical "impractical" buy being a classic and big enough for me.  And not spending 17K for a freaking strap ;)  I did not get anymore the Petit Noe because hubby likes the Speedy 30 as he said he can't figure out it's "look."  But he was insistent that we get the Tivoli PM when the attendant showed it to us.  Buti na lang I still have some self-control left in me.  Droolworthy naman kasi.

Then I saw the bigger version of that in their web - the GM wow!  Then I can't get over the Goyard tote just yet.  Geez! - I didn't know it's addicting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Merienda Time @ Cyma (01 July 2012)

I remember we wanted to eat Shawarma then... #carnivorelangpeg!  So we trooped to Cyma Trinoma that afternoon.  We're not sure if Enzo would like the food so we opted to take-out nuggets from McDonalds which is why it seems we are in McDo and not Cyma harharhar!
This is what we ordered.  
Baklava - Quite a disappointment if I compare it with the ones sold at Salcedo Market!  But the rest of our orders are simply yummy!
Spinach and Artichoke Fondue - this we love!

I think this is the Chicken Gyro but we love the Mixed Meat one more.
This is what it looked like inside that wrap (Mixed Meat Gyro) - so messy nga lang but worth the effort naman!

 For sure, we are coming back here.  Though not everyday as it is a bit pricey.