Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It’s time to Party… Party: The Birthday Attire

Please forgive me – na-LSS lang ako because my eldest kept on singing this song plus that “Gangnam Style” song to boot.  I don’t know exactly if “Gangnam Style” is the title of that song but my son (and I saw even his playmates in our condo) is fascinated with it.  You should see my son dance to that tune.  He is truly adorable.  I will try to take a video of him when he does that hahaha!

Going back to my post, I will try my best to finish the supplier ratings for my youngest son’s 1st birthday party last September 9 (Sunday).  I will do this one supplier per entry so that it is manageable.

The Birthday Attire

Our theme is Super Mario Bros.  Rafa doesn’t have a choice yet and since Enzo loves anything Mario, we opted for this theme.  Hubby told me Mario is older than Luigi which is why Rafa is the one wearing the Luigi costume.  Both costumes were made by Cargins Costume.  Suki na kami dito since Enzo’s 1st birthday party.  Imagine, he turned 5-years old already.  They also did the Halloween costumes for Enzo in the past – Wolverine, Buzz Lightyear.

This Nike Jordan 11 shoes is a hand-me down.  It was a gift for Enzo by his ninong Mac, my husband’s younger brother.  Parang bago lang diba!  Enzo used it when he was still trying to figure out how to walk on his own (December of 2008).

We also had a mini-family pictorial before the party started.  Buti we decided to come to the venue with this attire first before we had the kids changed to their Super Mario Bros costume.  Otherwise, we will not have time anymore for any outfit change.
Both polo were bought in RL including hubby’s.  Enzo's shoes is a steal which I got on sale in Converse.  Mine is a dress from Tango.  I like it’s fit kaya I went back to Tango if they have other colors I would like kaya lang puro light colors na.  This lovely family picture is courtesy of the famous GingLorenzo.  That would be for another post.

The birthday boy in his Luigi costume.

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