Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Mother's Day Post - late at that!

I have been meaning to blog – seriously!  But either my hands are tied or we don’t have wifi at home.  But I have a lot of stories to share for those who still drop by my blog from time to time… feeling lang may nagbabasa!  It’s been that long as my last post was on Rafa’s 7th month birthday and now, he is about to turn 9-months.  I have yet to share the photos from his 8th month birthday celebration.  We got a cake from Cake2Go that is super recommended – sinfully sweet!  But I’m waiting for hubby to copy them to our laptop.  So for now, let me share with you my Mother’s day (slash Birthday) gift from my boylets (3 of them).
I have actually been eyeing this Michael Kors bag for the longest time which was supposed to be my birthday gift but alas, it was out of stock in Greenbelt when I first checked in February.  It was still out of stock now even in their Shangri-La Branch.  Ganda sana noh? I like it because it’s similar to my Neverful one which means it’s big enough to accommodate the “house” but not too expensive to be bringing in the office on the daily basis.  But luck was not on my side.

Then I saw this in Greenbelt last May 12 (day before Mother’s Day) but opted not to buy it yet at that time.

 I was actually eyeing the orange version.  My BIL invited us to dinner on Mother’s Day (dinner because hubby is rendering overtime on a Sunday… I know!?).  Hubby insisted that I get that one already before it goes out of stock again.  So we troop to Greenbelt before dinner and bought this style (pikit mata) however in Royal Blue.  The orange one is the last piece on the shelf and it’s a bit dirty already.  The blue one has 1 stock left so faith will have it that I get the Tory Burch’s Blue Nylon Ella Tote.
Loving it sooo far as it is huge and could carry the “house” though I have to warn you that it is heavy.  But carry lang.
I am also giddy excited come September as I have ordered another loot from my Tita who went to London to visit her daughter who works there.  I know, ako na ang spoiled!
Eto pa… I am obsessed with LV’s Speedy 30 (with the strap).  But I MUST stop myself as we still have a 1st birthday party to throw late this year and I promised a HK trip for Enzo on his 7th birthday so I must start saving as I am hoping for a 5-days/4-nights trip to make sulit.  Then probably on our trip to HK, I can get myself that Goyard tote I am also salivating right now.  I know?! Puros kaartehan.
Note to SELF: Must S-A-V-E!

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