Saturday, June 2, 2012

#1st Time ‘to! (updated)

My sons’ yaya (who has been with my family for few years already – she was my mom’s then was handed to my Kuya when their yaya left but was returned to my mom as her work is just so-so.  I got her when her younger sister left us to get married.  I know her work was so-so but she was okay with the kids.  At least mabait and can cook.), left last Tuesday, May 22.  Haba ng intro noh.

I had to let her go na.  She’s supposed to take her vacation early part of May as what was agreed upon.  End-April, she decided to move it to May 22 (which is a Tuesday).  I told her that it can’t be.  Either she goes home on the agreed schedule or she takes it on December.  Aba! Nag-inarte.  She claimed she won’t come back anymore when she goes home in December.  Aba! Aba!

So I asked my mom to find me a replacement in her province.  They were able to get one.  I opted to ask my yaya if she really plans to leave and not come back.  Baka nabigla lang?!  It seemed she changed her mind na so I asked her when does she plan to take her vacation – either she can go home in June (during the week when there’s a holiday) or she can wait until December for a longer vacation.  Eto na… she came back to me insisting if she can come home on May 22.  Hayz!  I told her firmly that is not possible so I ended up letting her go.

The yaya my mom was supposed to get from the province backed out.  Hayz again!  I have my mom’s maid for the meantime.  But I have taken the chance to get from an agency this time.  Ang hirap maghanap ng yaya these days.  I just ask my mom if she could be in our place while we are at work so that the kids will not be left alone under her only care.  #Sigurista ako!

I just prayed this yaya from agency is heaven sent!   The yaya left us after 10days.  Gave me a lame excuse but we were really ready to let her go.  I guess we were all scared to leave her with my boys.  My mom's maid is back with us for the meantime.  There is a househelp on the way, who I heard was a cousin of my MIL's neighbor *cross fingers*

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