Monday, April 9, 2012

7th at Tagaytay

We went with my in-laws to Tagaytay on Black Saturday. It just so happens that it is also Rafa's 7th-month birthday. Buti na lang most shops are open already and we were able to get a chocolate cake (Php499 lang!) from Red Ribbon on our way there. Ganda naman ng penmanship of the one who wrote the dedication on the cake. *clap* * clap*
Here is Rafa on his first-ever trip to Tagaytay. At the Pink Sisters. We never-ever missed a visit here whenever we go to Tagaytay. Most of the time, we do go to Tagaytay just for a visit to this place.

After visiting the Pink Sisters, we ended up in Dencio's for lunch kasi super traffic! We were supposed to eat in Gerry's but we are all hungry na kaya Dencio's na lang.

Here is Kuya. Nagsawa na 'ata sa picture-taking because more often than not eh ayaw na nya magpa-picture hahaha!

(candle blowing)
Side kwento: Dencio's waiter told us that if we eat the cake, we will have to settle the corkage of Php500 (ano! mas mahal pa sa cake!). I asked the supervisor instead if they have a cake we can buy. Wala raw... yun naman pala eh! So I reasoned with her and buti na lang she agreed without having to pay the corkage fee.

Here is Rafa's past time - to pull Mommy's hair all the freaking time! ;pHappy 7th-month Birthday, cutie pie!

During his visit to the pedia last March 27, he weighs 7.66 kgs and is 68 cms longer. His head circumference is 42 cms and chest circumference is 41 cms.

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  1. Your RAfa is really so cute!!! And the kuya too :D You have a beautiful family :D