Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My "one in a lifetime" found a new pal!

Personalized with my own initials...LVoe it!
Remember my post 2 years ago - my Neverfull MM who I thought will just be my "one in a lifetime bag" found a new pal - the Speedy 30 in monogram.  Yey!  In time for our 14th Year Anniversary since hubby and I started officially going out.  Thanks hubby for the splurge.

So my bag purchases will now take a backseat until 2013.  I have just recently got the Tory Burch then I have another loot from London by end-September.  So there's a point to really say "PAUSE!" (not "STOP" - I might eat my words later on hahaha!).

I got the Speedy 30 because it's the most practical "impractical" buy being a classic and big enough for me.  And not spending 17K for a freaking strap ;)  I did not get anymore the Petit Noe because hubby likes the Speedy 30 as he said he can't figure out it's "look."  But he was insistent that we get the Tivoli PM when the attendant showed it to us.  Buti na lang I still have some self-control left in me.  Droolworthy naman kasi.

Then I saw the bigger version of that in their web - the GM wow!  Then I can't get over the Goyard tote just yet.  Geez! - I didn't know it's addicting.

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