Monday, March 22, 2010

my LVoe and mine

My loot straight from Belgium... thanks to my brother-in-law for the favor. teehee! This is aside from the different "Belgian" chocolates we devoured yesterday which were sinfully yummy (that will be another post). Now, I don't have my voice... but I blame it on my colds and cough.

This is hubby's gift (and not as a remembrance from the Institute if I had resigned and moved on... not yet). I wanted to get the classic one just so if it becomes "my one in my lifetime." My choice is between a Speedy and a Neverfull. The Speedy 30 is also nice... classic but I prefer shoulder bag-type so I have my hands free thus, the Neverfull MM is the perfect one for me. It's roughly less than 15K (with the tax refund and all) compared here... imagine that.

Ciao now! Gotta go back to work... work... work...

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