Friday, September 7, 2012

Rafa’s Birthday Wish List

Hala!  We have received a couple of messages and texts asking us of what they can buy as gifts for Rafa.  I used to register special occasions through the gift registry of SM, Rustan’s and Mothercare.  Some guests have told me that it’s easier that way – they will be able to get something that they know the child needs (or what mommy wants for her kid teehee!).  So what I do before is choose from a wide selection.
It’s just that I don’t have much time to register Rafa for his 1st birthday.  But for those who are still asking us, here are some of our suggestions:
1.      Johnson’s Baby Bath (the boys share this so between the two of them, they consume a lot!)
2.     Pampers’s Large (orange)– Rafa currently uses Medium but he might outgrow it if we receive tons of medium diapers hihihi!
3.     Huggies Pants Large – Because Rafa now knows how to pull the tape from the regular diapers and does it quite often to our yaya’s dismay hahaha!
4.     Avent 9oz. bottles

5.     Avent #4 Fast Flow Nipples (6m++)

6.      Avent Hard Spout (12m++)

7.      Avent Decorated Cup with Toddler Spout (12m++)

8.      Or the Nuby No-Spill Twin Handle Cup
9.      The ever-durable crocs will be nice (size 4-5)

10.   Richell’s Baby Snack Case (for an OC mom like me!)

11.   Clothes like shorts and shirts

There!  Or whatever you feel Rafa would appreciate… See you at the party.

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