Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My First Blog Award

Teehee! Officially, my first award in this "blogging world." Thanks sis Joanne ( Me, Myself and I ), ! I'm sharing this award to Hubby ( I guarantee he has one of the biggest heart in the world for loving me & Enzo unconditionally, tantrums and all! Who has the tantrums...hmmm...go figure out!) ( tokwa ), and fellow n@wies Anna ( good thoughts, good trades, good life ), Kaye ( Life! Learn it. Live it. Love it. ) , Manel ( Thinking Box ) and Jacque ( We are Family! )


  1. thanks for the award sheryll!

  2. oo nga, same pala kayo ng award ni joanne he he

  3. Thanks for the award sis... mwah! how sweeet!