Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Valentine's Date (year 2008)

We were not supposed to "celebrate" Valentine’s Day so we had no plans whatsoever last February 14. I was supposed to wait for hubby so we can pass by Walter Mart to check if they have stock of Enfalac A+. Imagine I’ve been to Landmark Supermarkets (Makati & Trinoma), Rustan’s Supermarkets (Greenbelt 1 & Glorietta), SMs (North Edsa & Makati), Mercury Drug and Watson’s in between but still I was unable to find 1 single can of Enfalac A+. grrr!! =(

Back to my original post, well… we did end up celebrating Valentine’s Day on “The Day.” I remember we normally dine-out after Valentine’s Day to avoid the crowd when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend. Since we have heard good reviews about CYMA, it’s about time we try it out as well.

We ordered the following:

Orektika (Appetizers)
Saganaki – Flaming Cheese
(PhP 180)

I personally loved this dish. Yummy! To prove how much I loved it, we ordered another one in the middle of our meal. Yes, it truly is OPA!

Meatless Moussaka
-Layered seasoned green lentils and tofu, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant and Greek Bechamel sauce.
(PhP 235)

We wanted to order the Moussaka (Greece’s National Dish) but it was not available. This was okay but it’s better to share it with your friends (3 or more) since the serving was quite big for the two us. This was the only dish we had left-overs.

CYMA’s Specialties
Grilled Ribs Half Slab
(PhP 530)

A bit too sweet for me. Not that tender and not much meat. I still love Rack’s and it’s way cheaper. But hubby likes it so I guess to each his own.

Fish Fillets
Charcoal Grilled Marlin
- Firm, white and meaty with a distinct flavor.
(PhP 250)

We wanted to order Salmon but it was not available again. Huhuhu! I also liked this one. Hubby too.

Glyka (Desserts)
Flaming Mangoes
-served with vanilla ice cream on the side
(PhP 195)

Even if we are full already, I had to order a dessert since like James Yap (I read from one of Kris Aquino’s articles) that “a meal is not a meal without dessert.” I liked it, something different. And even if we were both full, we finished everything. OPA!

So, do I recommend it to others? Yup it might not be something you’ll crave for but it’s worth the try.

And I got a surprise from my little boy when we got home. He gave me a single-stem red rose… awww… sweet and I whispered to Enzo that he’s supposed to give flowers to mommy ONLY… hehehe! (selfish!).

Oh well, since I told hubby not to buy me flowers anymore, he was still able to surprise me by hiding that rose in his backpack all throughout the night.

I love my boys!

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