Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pampers "Extra Sleep, Extra Laughter" Baby Pic Contest

I submitted Enzo's photo yesterday, February 11. Hoping and praying that Enzo will win again. Again... because I also submitted his photo for the Pampers promo "Baby of the Week" last December in Landmark Supermarket, Trinoma Mall. I was able to submit his photo during their last week of promotion and luckily, he won! His prize which I was only able to redeem last February 1 is a play gym... yiheey!

This time, I found out about the newest promo of Pampers last weekend in a T.V. commercial, only to find out that this is the last week of the promo period... haaay! So am still hoping he'll win again. If you wish to vote for Enzo, please register using the link above (Title). Make sure to click on the "I'm just here to vote" and wait for the e-mail of Pampers so you can use your username and password and be able to vote. You can find the pic of my son at http://www.pampers.com.ph/module.php?LM=browse&p=151. Promo period is until February 15, 2008 only. So please hurry and cast your vote now!

1 comment:

  1. sis, how about posting this sa n@w para more can vote for your son. i hope he wins :)