Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am super excited to be a part of the blog advertising community and I am now, what you call a Postie!

I started blogging way back early 2006 while preparing for my wedding set on December 2006. I joined a yahoogroup of bride-to-be’s and got inspired by so many who were into blogging. However, I stopped right after I got married and then we found out I was carrying our first child. So blame it with the raging hormones that I was too lazy to continue to blog.

I was only able to resume blogging after I got back from my maternity leave this January 2008. I was again inspired by the mommies I got to know through a yahoogroup of newlyweds who are all into blogging -- about life, their kids, anything and everything under the sun. Just recently, I found out about blog advertising. So I decided to join the fun. It would not hurt being paid for doing what you love! Now I am on the road to paid blogging.

The extra cash will be useful specially for a working mother like me whose income all goes to monthly, unavoidable expenses such as electricity, water bills, communication charges, groceries, milk, diapers, medicines, vitamins and the list goes on. Now I can at least pamper myself, my baby and hubby with an extra income courtesy of PayPerPost!

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  1. congrats sis! share tips naman how to get more opps fr ppp...my blog's just been approved pero still no qualified opps hehe :)