Friday, March 7, 2008

MISisAdventure #1: Binagoongang Lechon Kawali

I can cook... "a little." I can say I am good at following recipes and measurements. But our yaya is a better cook and since I am working full-time and I only get home by 7pm the earliest, I don't have the energy to cook pa so I leave it to Enzo's yaya. But due to hubby's persistence, I was the one who cooked last Saturday (March 01) and I got the inspiration for this recipe from Market Manila.

Binagoongang Lechon Kawali

Heat up a separate kawali or sauté pan.
Add about a tablespoon of the fat used to fry the Lechon Kawali and about ½ tablespoon of the fat that is in your bottled bagoong.
When the oil is hot, quickly sauté about a tablespoon of bagoong for every 2-3 cups of Lechon Kawali and throw in the Lechon Kawali and stir until just coated. Serve immediately.

Preparing Lechon Kawali:
Rubbed the pork with a lot of salt and boiled it in water for about 1 hour until cooked and somewhat tender.

Or add onions, bay leaves, telicherry black peppercorns, tons of garlic and lots of salt and boiled for about an hour until cooked.
Ohhh... did I say I am good at following measurements?! Oh well, I did not rubbed the liempo with a lot of salt thinking it might be too salty with the bagoong and all. So, you guess it right! It's bland... yikes! But hubby said it's okay. I guess it's not that bad since we were able to eat it naman.
I'll give myself a 2.5 while hubby says I deserve a 4.5! Teehee! Thanks hubby... I guess 4.5 for effort hahaha! So, it must be a 3.5 then. Below is the Rating Guidelines.
5 - exceptionally good!
4 - must try
3 - A-okay
2 - bland
1 - yikes! Never try this at home!
'til my next MISisAdventure! Oh, does anyone know how to cook Binagoongang Baboy?

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