Friday, April 11, 2008

My bOo-BoO

I have been working for my superior for almost eight years now (to be exact, that's 7 years, 6 months and still counting). I love my work and I do work hard and always try to do well. I do make "minor" mistakes but nothing that cannot be solved right away... until yesterday. I guess this is the "biggest," "major" mistake I have made so far. My superior and his wife went to the US and Japan for a vacation. Imagine... I got the shock of my life when his travel agency called to inform me that my boss called and told her that they don't have a Japan visa. Oh, they are already at the Narita airport. See... it's a major boo-boo on my part. I admit it's my fault although the travel agent told me that she should have checked with me and not assumed that they already have a visa. But it's still my fault because I apply for their Japan visa through our company's messenger and not through the travel agency because somehow the Embassy does not allow travel agency. I don't understand why it slipped my mind when I have been doing this for the last 7 years. Is it because of the 3-month maternity leave that I lost track of how things are done? Is it the epidural (yeah! blame it on the epidural)? There is really no excuse but I'm really, really sorry! And I'm so so sad now that I have disappointed them. See... my boss is the kind of boss you would love to have and I am only staying in this company because of him. If it weren't for him, I would have left long time ago. I needed a higher pay (oh, that's a different story!) especially now we have a kid and we're living on our own. Gosh, and it had to happen at this time when it's my boss (and her daughter's) birthday today.

I have yet to hear from him :( I hope and pray the immigration gives them a "temporary visa." Oh, I have accepted the fact that my boss will be mad at me or still mad at me (It's my fault!) but I hope he'll forgive me. Never again!


  1. I don't see how this could entirely be your fault. Your boss and his wife should've checked too. After all, they should know whether or not they have a visa for Japan, right ?

    This seems like a series of unfortunate events - you not realizing their lack of a visa, the travel agent assuming that they did, AND the fact that they even were able to leave the Philippines on a flight to Japan w/o a visa ?

    I just realized now that each time I leave for the US, someone at the airport always - ALWAYS! - checks my passport for my US visa and makes sure that it's my picture there, that the visa looks legit, and that it is still valid. I also realize that nobody does this for any other country.....

    Dapat na ch check to.

  2. OMG! what happen to ur boss na? di na sila pinapasok sa japan? btw, got a tag for u, hope everything is ok

  3. Hi MM, well the immigration still gave them a visa to enter so my boss was able to celebrate his birthday with his daughter. That was really a scare! And my boss was not even mad at me so God is good and he is as well. :)