Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enzo goes malling

Last Saturday (June 14), we had our yaya checked at Makati Med since she has been coughing for some time now. My uncle said her x-ray result is normal so my mom just advised her to continue the herbal medicine she gave her. Thank God! We were worried that we might need to send her home. And it's so hard nowadays to look for a yaya and an efficient one at that. Yaya is also relieved because she told me she doesn't want to go home yet. She really takes care of my son and even able to do all household chores - cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking. She's not even just a yaya but an all-around help in the house. My mom do visit during weekdays to help her out while hubby and I are in the office.

Right after Makati Med, we went to Greenbelt 1 to have our (mine & Enzo's) picture taken for our passport application. Here is Enzo's first ever passport picture teehee! Since I am renewing my passport due to expire on October 2008, I have decided to get Enzo a passport as well so I don't have to appear twice in DFA and who knows when he will be travelling hihihi!
Ain't he just adorable?

We had lunch at Lingnam then proceeded to Glorietta for the Huggies event - "Exploring Together." Here is our picture taken in Greenbelt 5 and another picture taken at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Who's gone malling? The "Who me?" look.

Afterwards, we were fetched by Enzo's ninong Mac and stayed at my in-laws place for the rest of the afternoon. We left around 6:30pm and got home by 8pm. It was a long but a fun day for the family! 'Til our next bonding time.

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  1. kay cute naman ni enzo ... kamukha talaga ni mommmy ... hehehe ...