Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Interesting Tag

I got this tag from Lissa. Thanks sis! It took me a while to finally do it since I was busy in the office and the fact that I was not in the mood to really blog these past few days.

This is very interesting and fun to do.

Have you ever gone on a blind date? Yup :)
Skipped school? Yup, during my college days.
Been on a plane? Couple of times and still, I get air sick huhuhu! :(
Been lost? Nope as far as I can remember.
Swam in the ocean? Never
Cried yourself to sleep? Yes, a few times.
Played cops and robbers? Yup, way back in grade school.
Played dolls? Yup
Recently colored with crayons? Nope
Sang Karaoke? Nope. I'm shy! hihihi!
Paid for a meal with coins only? Nope
Done something you said you wouldn't? Yup
Cheated on a test? Who didn't?
Made prank phone calls? Not me really, it was my college friend who did the talking.
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Nope. Just laughed so hard it made me cry.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? I wish...
Danced in the rain? Nope
Written a letter to Santa Claus? Nope as far as I can remember.
Watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Nope, I'm not a morning person so you can't expect me to be "up" that early.
Been kissed under the mistletoe? Nope
Gone ice skating? Nope
Been skinny dipping outdoors? Nope
Favorite drink I'm allowed on a regular basis -yeah, I guess iced tea.
Tattoos? None.
Body piercings? Just ears.
Vacation spot? Bali, Indonesia.
Eaten cookies for dinner? Yup
Ever been on TV? Nope
Ever been in a car accident? Yes
Favorite number and why? 10. I dunno, I have always liked this number. Oh it's also our bf/gf monthsary date.
Favorite movie? Neverending Story 1, The Mighty Ducks, LOTR, too many really!
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Favorite smells? D&G Light Blue, hubby's armpits & Enzo.
What do you do to relax? zzzZZ... sleeping is my pastime.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? mother of 2 and a work-at-home-mom! paging hubby...

That was a cool one, right? Now I am passing this on Rhoda, Pat, Mec, Joy and Jhoanne.


  1. thanks for the tag. did it na- http://shopaholictiestheknot.blogspot.com/2008/07/interesting-tag.html

  2. yey... finished with the tag na!

    have a great weekend ahead sis...

    Mec of Hope This Helps You