Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Countdown to the Big Day

September 7 marks the 11th month birthday of the lil prince. It fell on a Sunday so I was able to cook spaghetti. And lolo/lola Obias bought him the new Smores chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. They bought it last Saturday on our way home from Divisoria... too bad Chocolat is a bit out of the way.

Although the lolo & lola was not able to join us last Sunday. It was just my mom & dad who dropped by for the merienda. While yaya Emily went out to watch "For the First Time."

See the picture... do you think he'll pass for a Vietnamese boy? hihihi! The attire is from my officemates when they went to Vietnam last year for our annual conference. Too bad I was not able to join because I am almost due then.

Oh, the countdown... it's for his 1st birthday. Imagine, in less than a month, my lil prince is turning the big 1!

In terms of our preparation for the big day:

... we have sent out most of the invitations. Just a few are still with us.
... we have bought last Saturday the prizes & the loots for the kiddie guests and I have started wrapping the prizes in Japanese paper (red for the boys/yellow for the girls/major prizes will have ribbons tied to them). Still have to work on the pabitin.
... I have to settle in full the give-aways I'm getting from sis Jhoanne this afternoon.
... the rest of the downpayment, we will settle on the day except for the balloon set-up. I will deposit the payment to sis Jacque's account the day before as we may not be able to see each other on the day since set-up is early at 8AM.

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