Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day at the Divi Mall

Last Saturday was our scheduled "Divisoria Day," only because we needed prizes & loots for the lil prince 1st birthday this October. Hubby & I wanted to go to Divi Mall early (say 9AM as we don't really know what time they open) but we left 9past already as the lil prince woke up a bit early that day. I gave him a bath first.

We took the MRT station from North to Taft then transferred to the LRT station and dropped off Carriedo. Since both hubby & I are clueless how to go to Divi Mall, we just looked for jeepneys with Divisoria signboard. From the Carriedo station, you will need to cross the street to get to the other side where the jeepneys are. From there, we just asked the driver to advise us if we are near Divi Mall already. :)

It was raining that morning but it's a blessing in disguise since it was not a hot day. I think we got to Divi Mall before 11AM. Even if we only ate a little breakfast, we decided to go ahead and buy the stuff we needed first. There are a lot of party stuff (in bulk) at the Dry/Wet Market found at the basement and I think it is also cheaper than the ones on the ground floor. I cannot compare it with the 168 building since we did not bother going there anymore. I heard it is more expensive there.

Here is a list of our loots:
Major prizes (lil girls)... kitchen set, catch-a-fish toy(?), jump rope, sketcher, 3 snakes & ladder, checkers-like toy (but you dropped the colored coins on the slot), Tamagochi (?)
Major prizes (lil boys) ... doctor set (similar to the kitchen set but for doctors, can you imagine?), catch-a-fish toy, Tamagochi, 3 chess, checkers-like toy, art set
Minor prizes... 12 assorted stickers & 12 mini-pinball
Pabitin... 2 tambourine, 2 Pokemon pogs, snakes & ladder, chess, clay, pencil case set, assorted candies
Loot bag... coloring book, crayon, pencil, Rubix cube, plastic balloon, pin, sticky toy & assorted candies (lollipop, potchi, haw flakes & choko choko)

Do you think I have enough for the prizes? We're expecting at least 25 kids more or less. What do you think?

We finished around 3PM and we were sooo hungry but we have to walk to Binondo church as that is were my in-laws parked their car. We hurriedly ate our lunch in McDo because my in-laws has an appointment at 5PM. We got home almost 5PM... exhausted!

... oh! I have started wrapping the prizes.

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  1. Hi Sis! Pwede na cguro mga prizes nyo, the host/emcee will have more games if there are lots of prizes pa, and fewer games if there are few prizes left. :)