Thursday, September 18, 2008


... hubby and I are both on leave tomorrow... yipeey! We were supposed to be on leave last Monday since it's hubby's birthday but decided it would be better to move it for tomorrow. At least, my boss is in a far away land plus hubby has a gig as well. This is for fellow n@wie Carly whose son is celebrating his 1st birthday - our 2nd client from n@w. Hope we will not disappoint her. *excited!*
... I am not done wrapping the prizes for the lil boys. Will try to finish them tonight or tomorrow so I'll have time on Saturday to finish my son's album lay-out since hubby will have to surrender his company-issued laptop soon. huhuhu!
... speaking of s-o-o-n, I am very much thankful for God has always heard our prayers. Will discuss it when it's final already. I'm sooo proud of hubby for his perseverance and hard work. I know... in time!
... gotta go back to working... can't wait til the clock strike 5PM. See you all next week!

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