Monday, October 13, 2008

1st Birthday Party in Review

Date: 11 October 2008
Time: 3-5PM
Venue: Kamayan*Dads*Saisaki, Glorietta 3, Makati City

Rating: 1-10 (10 being the highest while +++ is exceptional!)

Venue: Kamayan*Dad's*Saisaki, Glorietta 3
Inclusions: birthday tarp, cake/gift table with skirting, sound system (although our host, Symond has his own sound system), bottomless iced tea (a must!)
Rating: 10

We have no regrets that we decided to settle with Kamayan*Dads*Saisaki. I think we had 3 initial choices but thanks to Jhoanne who suggested Kamayan instead.

Our first choice was the function room of Wack Wack Twin Towers. The venue rental (if I remember correctly) is only Php 2,500 which is such a steal plus I have an officemate who could sponsor us. But we could not decide on the caterer which could fit our budget given the number of guests we were inviting. We also thought of getting a fastfood chain like Chef d' Angelo but that would mean additional cost for the tables & chairs rental. Our second choice was Tom's World in Robinson's Galleria. We loved the idea of free tokens and kiddie rides for the kids. And we could also get Chef d' Angelo. Our third choice was Kentucky Fried Chicken since they are not that strict and you can bring in food carts, cake, own host/magician without corkage. In the end, Kamayan's merienda buffet won our hearts and our pockets hihihi! Plus they were very easy to deal with. They did not give us any headache. You can contact Sir Manny or Ms. Jeng but it was Jeng who I have dealt with the most.

Balloons: Jacque of Partyboosters
Rating: 9.5

I simply adore the floating balloons she made (see venue pic above). Sooo festive! Love it!

I gave her a 9.5 because the "Incredible logo" on the centerpieces is not clear. I also thought or I might have been mistaken that we agreed for 10 centerpieces. I just don't know if the other balloon arrangements she made is for the stage decor or the table centerpieces. You see, she has to set-up early since Kamayan only allows set-up from 8-10:30am while our party is at 3PM. So when I got to the venue, I was clueless which balloon is for which area hahaha!

I saw 4 small balloons that we thought were for the stairs since I know we talked about having small balloons on the stairs. But when I was looking at the pictures hubby took, I realized it must have been part of this centerpiece where the base is lacking of balloons.

So this balloon arrangement must have been intended as stage decor but that would leave me only a few table centerpieces.

But hey, I'm a mom on a super tight budget so maybe there lies that little bit of difference. In general, I don't think that guests ever noticed hahaha! and I was one happy mommy. :)

Face Painter & Glitter Tattoo-in-one: c/o Jacque of Partyboosters
Rating: 10+++

This is such a steal! Our guests especially the adults hihihi! (see we have few kids) loved this guy, Japet (I hope I got his name right?). He is sooo patient that even if the party is over, he is still working on 1 or 2 more adults. And the guests even said he is that good. No regrets at all for it was such a hit to the guests! Thanks Jacque!

Birthday Cakes: Kitchen Krafts c/o Jhoanne of Polkadots Events
Rating: 9.5

The 12" chocolate cake from Kitchen Krafts would have been perfect except for an itsy-bitsy tiny detail that was not followed. I specifically requested that the hands of Jack-Jack should not have been raised up (which was the usual) but should have been pointing downwards. But with 2 days before the party, I, even Jhoanne can't do anything about it anymore. So I just let it go. While Jhoanne insisted that she give me a discount for this miscommunication. Thanks sis!

Me and my brother also ordered another 10" mocha cake for my mom's post-birthday celebration. Dash represents my 8-year old nephew and Jack-Jack, of course is Enzo. You bet my mom was surprised!

Backpacks: c/o Jhoanne of Polkadots Events
Rating: 10

Since we can't find this backpack in Divi Mall, I had to order from Jhoanne. I was sooo happy that Jhoanne was able to accommodate my request of only "28" bags since I was only expecting this number of kids to attend. There were even less kids on the day itself but the backpacks were such a hit that thankfully I was able to keep 1 as Enzo's souvenir which we used last Sunday when we went to The Block for his first haircut (pic to follow).

Host/Magician: Symond c/o Jhoanne of Polkadots Events
Rating: 10++++++++++
I have one word to describe Symond... "amazing!" and with his rate, I became an instant fan. I want another party just so we can book him hahaha! He's sooo good, that good, in fact, that my guests stayed until the end of the party. Loved him to bits! Thanks Symond for making my lil prince birthday so special and memorable.

Costume: Cargins (recommended by Jhoanne)
Rating: 10

My son looked adorable in this costume, wouldn't you agree?

The rest of the pictures can be found here. Happy Viewing!


  1. wow, parang ang saya lng ur party! i was considering dads merienda din sana for my son's bday kso naisip ko ang konti ng time, bka mabitin ang guests. sulit ba ang oras? how many games ang nagawa nyo? ang toxic pala mag-prep at dec na ang bday ng anak ko. hehehe

  2. thank you sheryll for a great review! it was our pleasure sharing in with the fun on enzo's party! thanks again and God bless! :)

  3. it seems that you really had a blast! happy bdya to your cute baby boy enzo and congrats! :)

  4. happy bday enzo! great party mommy she :) congrats :)