Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Date with the Tooth Fairy

The lil prince is scheduled for his first ever visit to the dentist this coming Saturday. His pedia suggested that we bring him to a pedia-dentist so he could be checked. Enzo (at 17 months) still has only 8 teeth (4 up, 4 down). We have not started brushing his teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, just washcloth. So I guess after his dental visit, we will start brushing his teeth already. Our pedia suggested using "Sansflou" (if I heard him right, that is?!). We'll check with the pedia-dentist he recommended, Dra. Antolin at the Medical Plaza. Any feedback on her?

According to his pedia, this would also help Enzo get used to going to the dentist especially if he realizes that there is nothing to be afraid of. Oh, unlike his mommy who is so terrified of dentists. I have a bad memory of running in the dentist's clinic when I was small (like 5 or 6, i think?!). That's as far as I can remember and it still give me the shivers so I hope Enzo will be brave unlike his mommy.

I saw this electric toothbrush of Pigeon (Php 800++), amazing! But he already has a toothbrush courtesy of tito Ralph & tita Ria (my family's side).

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  1. let me know how Enzo handles his first trip to the dentist. i've been told by the pedia to bring tina to the dentist already but i still haven't done it.