Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MRT = Inconvenience!

Yes, those two words are synonymous. One and the same. Tantamount!

I bet those who also take the MRT to go to their offices feel the same way. It used to be synonymous to convenience since you are able to escape the hustle and bustle of EDSA. But that was ages ago. What happened? Was there a change in management? Is it because there are just too many commuters these days? Or is it just because they are soo inefficient? I'm leaning on the latter.

Am I wrong to think that if only they increase the frequency of the trains that it would make a difference? Those trains also does not have to stop at the station for more than 2-3 minutes. This would avoid it being jampacked that passengers in the other stations will not be able to squeeze themselves in. This would thus avoid those freaking "skipping trains" that also adds to the delay and the "stop entry" solution they use every single day. Imagine (at the North station), people are spilling over half of EDSA already! Geez... Oh, I should take a picture sometime.

Don't I sound logical?

I also wonder if the guards do know what they are looking for in our bags. I mean I am not opposed to the idea of being searched for my own security but I don't think a small stick (or ballpen sometimes) poking to see a glimpse of the top of your bag will show them if you have any offensive weapon there, right? Such a waste of time!

I'm also irritated with that guy making the announcement in the (North) station. Geez... he's way too talkative. He's not really being helpful, just plain noisy when you want peace & quiet in your mornings. His talking does not really help alleviate the problems of MRT, does it? I tell you it gets worst by the day. Oh, and there are drivers (of the MRT) who's also sooo irritating. Their voice is too loud for comfort especially if you just want to close your eyes and get that power nap. As if their sound system is good, it's screeching-ly annoying!

So, that goes my mornings from Monday to Friday! Now, I was wondering if anyone of you knows a different route in Mindanao Avenue like fx/van that goes to Ayala or maybe a carpool?
Huhuhu! They're giving me stress!

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