Monday, June 22, 2009

The Collezione Family

As promised last Friday, let me share with you the latest pictures of the little boy. He's such a big boy already but calls himself a "baby" still. Oh well, of course he will always be our baby! This is his "first ever" maong pants courtesy of Guess.

I was hoping to get my Collezione dress in the same color as that of Enzo's but I got tired of waiting for my size so I got this red/pink shade instead. I'm happy the color suits me well.


  1. Hi sis! How much yung shirts ng Collezione? Gusto ko rin sana bumili for me and hubby :)

  2. sis, the one I'm wearing is actually a dress roughly Php900++. I believe mas cheaper yung polo ng guys. We bought hubby's kasi long time ago na.