Friday, June 5, 2009

slow but very much welcome!

Work today has been "slow" compared to the past days and weeks since my superior assumed the position of Interim. He is out of town. "Slow" but very much welcome on my part hihihi!

As I am writing this entry, I am devouring the macarons of Delifrance (just the box of three as I find it a bit expensive for something sooo small). I like the strawberry and choco-mint. Bizu has better-tasting macarons but more expensive than Delifrance for the same size and since I don't want to cross to Greenbelt, I would have to settle for this.

I'll try to find tonight a decent office shoes. We are required to wear closed shoes with at least 1-inch heels. grrr! I'm not used anymore to wearing closed shoes! I prefer buying shoes and sandals in Naturalizer although expensive but you can never question it's durability. Imagine I bought this shoes way back in 2005 and I am still able to use it up to now for office (except that the sides are open so it's not the proper office shoes). But since my budget is limited, I'll have to scout somewhere else. Any recommendations?

Last Friday, we bought Enzo a Collezione polo shirt (bearing the map logo) so I'll also check later if they already have the Collezione dress in my size (of almost the same color as Enzo's aqua blue).

Oh well, I'll limit my purchases to these two items for now.

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  1. Shoes in Landmark are definitely cheap but the quality is not that good. How about scouting the stores in Glorietta 5? I believe the shoe stores are relocated on that area.