Friday, June 19, 2009

this & that

As my work keeps me busy these days... I don't have time to blog about our adventures. First, on our little boy...

... He can clearly say "daddy." He still calls me "She-she" and at times, "mama."
... Ask him where mommy is and he'll reply "ffice" without the "o" sound.
... points at anything and everything and says "eto."
... He can clearly say "banana" and loves the fruit as well so I mix that with his oatmeal and a dash of sugar.
... He also says "apple" but doesn't like it hihihi!
... He says "mmmm" when he sees food on TV.
... Ask him what does the cow says and he'll reply "mooo."
... recognizes the letters "A" and "E."
... counts "1 to 2."
... loves Blues Clues now and doesn't watch Barney anymore.
... We just bought his "first ever" maong pants from Guess Kids last Friday (June 12). Will post his pictures by next week as hubby still has to upload them but he's just sooo cute on it.
... We also bought his "first ever" Timezone card as they have the Independence sale where the Php200 card is only for Php150.
... Hubby decided that it would be practical not to throw him a party for his 2nd birthday party. We could use the funds for his school in year 2011 and another travel next year... I hope the H1N1 virus subsides already.

Last Saturday (June 13), as an advance Father's Day celebration, we went with my in-laws and BIL (and his gf) to Lola Ina's in Macapagal's dampa. We don't have any pictures as hubby left the camera at my in-laws' house geez! We are satisfied with the food and we were full to the brim really. Special mention to their "Inihaw na Tuna Belly" yummy and their sweet toyo sauce that matched it perfectly. Enzo enjoyed the "Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Miso." Our other orders were: Inihaw na Liempo, Salt & Pepper Squid.

I also ordered this Simpson's cupcakes from Veronica's Kitchen for hubby as he is a Simpson's fanatic. I'll have to post the pictures because it's sooo cute!

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