Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have started with the process (of accomplishing my end goal). I'll be more direct when it's time but for now, let me be as vague as possible harharhar! I have done 3, one is a phone call which is for a UK-based company while the other one was last night. I'd like to assume it went well although I believe there are questions I could have given a better answer. But just what hubby tells me, at least you'll get the hang of it. Here are the things running on my mind:

- new environment
- new taks involved (which will eventually widen my options in the future!)
- Head is male (yes, I prefer male bosses!) and young (for a President/Country Manager position I think?!) and "seemed" nice (but of course I cannot guarantee!)
- staff I have encountered "seemed" approachable and accommodating
- accessible and nearer
- away from the temptations of malls and shopping
- "should" be financially rewarding (of course, even before I consider it in the first place!)

- office is in an old building so workplace is not that high-tech (which is not that different from where I am now really!)
- Head is a foreigner (I wonder what it would be like reporting to one?!)
- leaving my 2nd home, my comfort zone would be difficult, trying times I bet

Now that I have written what I have been contemplating on my mind, it seems there's not much to consider noh? Oh well, we'll wait and see ("baby steps" as I said yesterday!).

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