Tuesday, September 1, 2009

speaking of BER months...

"Inaanaks" came to my mind. I decided that once we have the extra cash on our pockets, we could start buying gifts for our inaanaks, nephews & nieces as I really want to avoid the holiday rush plus the gifts will be well thought of (unlike the last 2 years - 2007 when I just gave birth so we just gave cash and 2008 when we were really just caught up with the holiday rush!).

My inaanaks:
1. Josh (turning 9) - kuya's eldest son
2. Andrei (turned 7?)
3. Lance (based in Australia)
4. Margareth (turned 5?)
5. Roxanne (turnning 5 or 6?)
6. Bea (turning 6 or 7?)
7. Cassey
8. Josh Gavin (I think he is my inaanak but they are really based in the States)

My nephews & nieces:
1. Miguel (1 year old) - kuya's youngest son
2. Alicia
3. Anthony
4. AZ (turning 2 years old)
5. Gabby
6. Rain (turned 7)
7. Alexi (turning 3?)

1. Dang (5?)
2. Marimar (14?)
3. Clarence (turning 2?)
4. tita Sonia's daughter
5. ate Mary Ann's daughter (which hubby said he has not been seeing)

Hubby's nephew:
1. Brent (turned 3)

geez... that's a long list. Better start early then!


  1. Your not the only one sis who has a long list of gifts to shop for Xmas...hehehe.

    If I'm not mistaken I have 15 godchildren! Plus the gifts for my cousins and siblings...Whew!

  2. Gosh. ang dami.

    I'll probably put my Christmas shopping off till the last minute, as usual.

  3. @Joanne: waaah! mas mahaba list mo hihihi!

    @Jean: naku! still waiting for that "extra" funds and if they don't come in early, pihado last minute rin ako bwahahaha!