Friday, February 12, 2010

my shoe story

I'll be frank... I'm no shoe-aholic. I only have 3 "office" shoes (that used to be just 2 so the 3rd one is the story of this post), a sandals, 2 rubber slippers, Crocs and a Chucks high-cut in our shoe cabinet. I share this shoe cabinet with hubby who owns more shoes than me. Well, even my son at age 2 have more shoes than me geez! Since I have a few pairs, I make sure that I buy the quality ones. I was even hooked on Naturalizer at one point until me and Charles & Keith met a year ago hahaha! Naturalizer has been and will always be my trusted brand. I can only have a pair from that brand but it would last me 2-3 years at the least (except for minor repairs it will need from Mr. Quickie). I have decided to try Charles & Keith last year when I learned my officemates are going crazy over its' sale season. It made me wonder. The picture on the right is my first ever Charles & Keith... a lot cheaper than my Naturalizer (half the price really) but as comfortable. This shoes is the one that I've lost...

Our office was organizing an annual conference on CSR last November 19-20, 2009 and since I am part of the Secretariat, we have to be at the venue days before the event. So, of course, I've brought my one trusted pair of shoes (which I have been using in the office). On my way home from work, I placed my shoes in a paper bag and put it down at the MRT. I was tired and sleepy so I dozed off to la-la-land. It was already at the North Station when I woke up so we hurriedly went out of the couch and off to Trinoma. We haven't really gotten that far when I realized that I forgot my paper bag with my shoes (and my boss' calendar but that's another thing). Oh oh! What will I wear at the conference? And like I've said earlier, I don't really own too many pairs at the same time and I don't want to spend on one that wasn't even planned in the first place. We went back to the MRT office but it could not be located anymore geez! Would anyone really be interested in my paper bag which just my stuff in the office and that used shoes? I was even crying to hubby because I was sooo frustrated but since I have no other choice, off we went to Charles & Keith. I saw "my shoes" there and it was even on sale but I have my "what if" dilemma that my shoes will be found so I got another pair.

The next day when hubby came home from work while I was staying at the conference venue, he checked with the MRT office if by any chance, someone returned the reported paper bag we lost... and guess what? It was there (together with all my other stuff intact) and I was thankful. Now, I have my 3 pairs. The other one is the Naturalizer which I have had for a few years already but I haven't had fixed yet. And nope, I'm still no shoe-aholic but I "heart" my shoes.

Oh, would you even guess that hubby is shoe-aholic? Yes, he is! But he wouldn't admit it.

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