Monday, February 8, 2010

Time of the Year again!

As the year 2009 passed, we not only welcome the new year of the "Metal Tiger" but we also anticipate the settlement of our annual income tax return. But would our funds be available then? I wonder. When we just came from a long holiday vacation where we have spent for gifts, food, new dresses, accessories and not really feel guilty about these expenses that we even end up using emergency loans. After all, it’s the holidays and everyone just seems to be more generous this season than the rest of the year. This is when we can make use of emergency loans to help us settle our taxes. As long as we are capable of paying our loans on time, why not? We just have to be disciplined so as not to end up in debt.

It would also be beneficial if we could have our hands on helpful tax information that could guide us on how to go about in paying our taxes. This is because many have put off paying their taxes simply because they are not familiar with the process and finds it tedious. While others who do know about this information are simply not aware of the deadline when to make the necessary payment.

I'm one of those lucky who works for only 1 company and they process the payment of our taxes but it’s a different case altogether for my superior who has different business consultancy that he hires an accountant to prepare for his income tax return.

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