Thursday, May 27, 2010

late Merienda at earle's Delicatessen (15 May 2010)

A bit of a late post but anyway... we were with my in-laws for a quick stroll at the mall 2 weekends ago. We ended up at earle's Delicatessen for a quick bite. It is somehow new in Greenbelt 1 area. Honestly, restaurants in that row tend to pop up and disappear without you realizing it.

There were 4 of us and we ordered 3 different sandwiches split in half. The sausage on your left is the Cheese Smokies Sandwich (Php93.00) while the one on the right is the Hungarian Sandwich (Php 96.00). Hubby & I shared the Cheese Smokies while my in-laws shared the Hungarian. It is up to you whether you'd like to put catsup or mustard on your sausage as it is self-service.

We also ordered this Chicken something sandwich (Php 128.00) which was again split in half so we could share. Sorry I forgot the specific name. This sandwich is about 11" so you could really split it in 2 and be filling enough. A 12 oz. Peach Iced Tea is Php25.00. I love the iced tea! Total bill is Php417.00 inclusive of VAT and no service charge.

There were about 2 more diners during our visit that late Saturday afternoon. And oh! they don't have a high chair :( and seats are limited so it's usually packed on a weekday lunch when there's office.

Enzo & me at Greenbelt 5. Enzo doesn't want to walk but when he's inside a toy store, he would want to explore on his own geez!

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