Wednesday, June 9, 2010

random thoughts

Our dream of at least one trip a year since we got married has been coming true for us so far...

2006 - Cebu on our honeymoon
2007 - gave birth
2008 - Boracay
2009 - Cebu (again with lolos/lolas)
and this 2010, we're off to Bohol (finally!). Even my brother's family will be going with us with my 2 nephews that equals to riot but fUn... FuN... FUN!!

I was able to book 6 adults (including the lolos/lolas) + 1 child for only, let me type that again ONLY Php8,680.00. Wowowee! We're leaving on hubby's 31st birthday but it's also an advance 3rd birthday celebration for the lil boy meaning, we will no longer have a big party for him on his birth date. Of course, I will still cook spaghetti and get him a Goldilock's McQueen cake. At least, we are able to pamper the lolos/lolas who have generously showered Enzo not only with material gifts but more of their time and unconditional love and support to our family. I bet it will be a lot of fun. I'm leaning on booking at Alona Tropical but not yet guaranteed.

--ooOoo --

I sooo like this! Something to bring to work to perk me up hahaha! Since it cost a bit, not as much as an LV but we're saving for the family trip and all, this have to wait for a little more time... how about December hon? kidding...


And this I can't miss. I'll have hubby get tickets for July 2.


  1. The Longchamp bag, I remember this one yung medium size wayback in brussels it's just around 4k lang I didn't know na its expensive here and a must have for lady's.. pero it doesn't have tax refund since it's just 70eu. hehe

  2. sayang pero since a lot, lot cheaper naman sya than LV, mabuti nang mauna yung LV at baka magbago pa isip ni kuya mo hahaha!

    Sa Rustan's Makati, the saleslady said around P6,650 but not the same design I want. Will check sa Shangri-La Mall baka mas may stock sila. There's an online seller who's a flight attendant daw and gets the bag in Paris is quoting me Php7,500-8,500 for this design...