Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the future holds?

Enzo will be 2 years & 10 months come August 7. He'll be 3 by October. Imagine that!

By June 2011, he'll be 3 years & 8 months and all ready for school. If you ask him if he wants to go to school, he will gladly say "yes." One of the schools we are considering is Claret School of Quezon City, which is located inside UP Village. They are accepting applications for admission by August. When I inquired over the phone, the staff said Enzo will be in "Junior Nursery" by next year. Tuition fee is reasonable and much lower compared to progressive schools. I'm not that convinced yet of progressive schools as I came from a traditional school and I turned out okay. Plus my boss' wife (who's a teacher) told me that what is important is how my son will enjoy the school setting whether traditional or progressive. And that not all schools that claim to be progessive are really what they claim to be and there are traditional schools which integrate the progressive approach to their teachings. Hubby & I are planning to visit the school by end of August to check their facilities. I was told that for Nursery level there will only be around 10 kids per class which is a good ratio and they do have grade school and high school already if I intend to keep him there or perhaps move him to Ateneo by Prep.

Another school we are looking at is Miriam College Child Study Center, which is located in Katipunan, Quezon City. Browsing through their website, Enzo will probably be in First Step given his age. Then they have Nursery and Kinder. Tuition fee is a bit steep, almost double than that of Claret. The savings I could have if I enroll him in Claret, I could already use for the next school year and even will even help us prepare if we're going to enroll him in Ateneo by Prep. And when he graduates from Kinder, I would still need to find him a good school when he enters Grade 1. I'll ask hubby. He might still want to compare the facilities they have.

If we'll afford to send him to Ateneo in grade school, I'm still wondering maybe I can send him to Philippine Science High School afterwards. Well, we'll cross the bridge when we get there besides I still have to consider how my son will fare in school. I don't want to pressure him. He doesn't have to be an honor student as long as he studies well, enjoys school and pass his subjects (no red marks please! 80 is okay).

But first, where to send him for preschool? Will update you when we do visit the above schools and let you know what we decide. I have downloaded the application form of Claret... teehee! excited!

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