Monday, November 1, 2010

am still kickin guys...

So sorry for those who still continue to drop by my blog and continue to find no new updates from me...

I have started my new job last October 11 and I cannot anymore access social networking sides... name it - Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Blogspot, YM, Gmail chat...

So yeah, it does get lonely in my new job... I miss my AIM friends because I have a different shift from most of my other colleagues and I eat my dinner at 6PM alone... but the pay is way way better... so I guess, am still adjusting!

Enzo, by the way, turned 3 last month and here's a few pictures to share on our Jollibee party. It wasn't really planned... but the lil prince had a blast!

Toy Story cake by Goldilocks

loot bags

game prizes in theme...

Enzo & Jollibee

the candle blowing

family picture

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