Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flower Anniversary Celebration

Our 4th Year Anniversary was spent on a weekend at Sofitel. We decided to splurge a bit as a consolation for our cancelled Bohol vacation. We left the condo early thinking we can at least enjoy the hotel facilities even if we will not be able to check-in early. Luckily, there was an available room at the 5th floor so we were able to check-in as early as 11AM.

There was only a hassle on guaranteeing our overnight stay. Since I know that my credit card might not be accepted due to recent charges made on the card, I specifically asked the Reservation Officer if they are accepting BPI EPS. The girl said yes and even offered that they also have a BPI ATM machine within the hotel premises. Great! So when my credit card did not work (as I have expected) and when I was about to settle the room accommodation with a BPI ATM card, I was told by the Front Desk Officer that their machine is only for BdO. What?! She told me they have a BPI ATM machine downstairs. Fine! However, that machine is unable to make transactions. What?! I was really pissed off already but controlling myself as I do not want to ruin our stay. I demanded to be allowed to check-in already so that we can go out and find a BPI ATM machine nearby. If that Reservation Officer advised me when I called the day before that they cannot process BPI EPS then I would have made the withdrawal before going to the hotel. That’s my point!

Thank God there is a nearby BPI ATM machine that can actually dispense some cash harharhar! We decided to eat in Jollibee (as Enzo is demanding!) so we can splurge later on the dinner buffet offered at Spiral. But since the Jollibee branch there only have breast and wing part which hubby doesn’t like, we moved to KFC where we were able to finally grab our lunch. We headed back to the hotel by 1PM.

After some photo ops in the hotel, we finally let Enzo swim in their brrr… cold… freezing cold pool! But the lil boy had a blast and it was harder to get him out of the water. Then we took a quick afternoon nap.

Thank God that we made a reservation at Spiral that afternoon. We were even told that we will be on the waitlist already. We went down a bit early for our 6:30PM reservation and surprise! Surprise! They were able to include our reservation in the lay-out of the restaurant so we don’t have to wait anymore for our turn. As they say, “The early bird catches the worm! And guess what time our dinner ended? 9PM harharhar!

We woke up early the next day to have breakfast so that we still have time to go for another swim. We were done with breakfast and swimming before 11AM and had our mini-family pictorial at the hotel room 533 and the hotel grounds. Nice pictures huh?!

This is why I told hubby I wanted to get married on the month of December. The mood is sooo festive and happy. Thanking God for those 4 blessed years of being together. There might have been bumps along the way but I’m happy and thankful that there weren’t really any rough roads for us. Plus we are blessed with this wonderful kiddo – who’s talkative yet inquisitive, naughty yet charming, temperamental yet sweet and lovable and he’s only 3!

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