Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fish Feeding @ Nuvali

With less than a month, I will be turning 32. My age is out of any months in the calendar. Hubby says, “it’s okay, you’re still in Lotto!grrr… But I don’t really mind my age now unlike when I was younger and single. I think it is my family that makes me feel complete. Financially, we are better off now than when we were just getting started. Our combined salaries then would have been lower than what hubby is earning now. But we survived then… with the weddings costs then I got pregnant at once and delivered via CS plus Christening and 1st birthday party. Whoa! That’s a lot and we survived. Sometimes, I think that even if I quit my job now and rely only on hubby’s income, we should be okay. It’s just a matter of spending within your means. Except we might not be able to afford to send Enzo to Ateneo harharhar!


On another note, hubby gained the confidence in driving (or is it really me who gained the confidence to let him drive?!) so we are able to use now my parents’ car to bring us to nearby malls. Maybe next time, I will be brave enough to let him drive in EDSA (maybe on a holiday!). Enzo named “his” car – Astroboy. Technically, it is my parents’ car which my brother used until he was able to get their own car. It is really an old but reliable car which even survived the wrath of Ondoy.

Our only problem is the parking in our area. So we still park the car in my parents’ house which is some blocks away from our condo. We still end up hailing a cab on our way home.


Last Sunday, January 9, we went to Tagaytay, Caleruega, Nasugbu and Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. We were supposed to go with hubby’s cousins that Saturday however, Enzo is a bit feverish that Friday night so we begged off. My in-laws offered to bring us that Sunday. My parents also went with us. It is Enzo’s 3rd time in Tagaytay. The weather that Sunday was cool but rainy.

Here are some of our pictures in Pink Sisters.

Then off we went to Caleruega. This was our 1st time there.

Before we proceeded to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, we dropped by Rowena’s to buy buko pies/buko tarts. I swear their pies/tarts are way better than Collete’s.

Enzo had the most fun in Nuvali and enjoyed the fish feeding and boat ride a lot. The fish food is Php15.00/plastic while the boat ride is Php30.00/person with a capacity of 12 pax. 2 years old and below are free of charge.

We treated the lolos and lolas for lunch at Pig-Out since hubby was recently promoted. It’s always a plus points for me (and I guess for any moms or dads out there) when restaurants have activity sheets and crayons to keep my son occupied while we enjoy the food. Though their rice platter is small especially when you compare it with those offering unlimited rice these days. I think we ended up ordering 2 additional platters of rice. But the dishes we ordered are all yummy!

Their bestseller Crispy Pata (Php549.11). Though the skin is not that crunchy anymore.

Flavorful Adobong Spareribs (Php433.04 ) which hubby loved!

Yummy Grilled Tuna Belly (Php388.39 ) which I loved!

We were unable to bring Enzo to Ocean Park last year. I am hoping we can bring him this year. When? My birthday is actually coming up but I am decided to only celebrate at home by ordering spaghetti from Amber (which I have been craving for lately!), pitchi-pitchi with cheese, Elar’s Lechon or KFC bucket and Brooklyn Pizza (which I missed the most when I left AIM!).

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