Thursday, April 14, 2011

I can blog :p

It seems I can blog from the office hihihi! Let me focus this post to our 2nd bundle of joy (whom we will refer to as Bunso) since I haven't blog much about my pregnancy. I am now on my 16weeks & 2 days. According to, I will be able to start feeling my baby move. Honestly, I believe I felt my baby even before the 16th week mark however, it wasn't very distinct. Maybe in the next few weeks, the moves will be more distinct and I can share the experience to hubby and kuya Enzo. I am currently taking Clusivol OB and Iberet (for my Iron requirements). I can't take drinking Anmum so I hope the vitamins will compensate for the lack of my milk intake. I'm sorry Bunso but mommy has really been picky during this pregnancy unlike when I was carrying kuya Enzo. Although I still stay away from Starbucks and just a few sips of soda from time to time. Oh! I still munch on junk food... bad mommy! But I do try to force myself to eat healthy. Foods I love to eat (meaning I can tolerate) are: Segafredo's Baked Bolognese (which I can actually eat everyday and not get tired - that's how yummy I think it is or because I am preggy but a bit expensive for me to eat everyday), mentos (for those days I feel I am about to vomit!), sweet & salty tamarind (there was a period I was craving for this), apple mango & bagoong (or indian mango will do), and The Sandwich Guy's Cheesy Baked Potato (I wonder if it's bad to consume a lot of potatoes... and cheese for that matter?). I am actually due for my mothly check-up already, most likely after the Holy Week so we can hear again the heartbeat. So far, kuya is excited about the baby and he never fails to kiss mommy and my tummy goodnight, every night. He has always been a sweet boy! We are both excited to know the gender of Bunso so I can already sort the baby stuff I still have. Or buy new ones in case we are having a little princess this time. And buy a new drawer for his/her stuff. Hubby says I might be having another boy. I'm not sure... I wish for a baby girl this time. But another boy is still okay. In fact, the name we'll call him is sooo cute. I know I mentioned in my blog before that if we will be blessed with a girl, we will call her "Bella" for short. Yes! inspired by the book Twilight. But I'll just divulge the full name when we finally found out the gender. Maybe I am having a girl, my symptoms from this pregnancy are way different when I was carrying Enzo hihihi! But the Chinese calendar says otherwise. Maybe late May or early June we can know by then.

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