Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Wishlist for Kuya

My baby... yes I'm referring to Enzo is turning 4 in a little over a month. Geez! Time flies sooo fast...he's now even in preschool.

Here are my "Birthday Wishlist" for Kuya:

1. RL polo - I bet he will look adorable in this striped green polo...

or this plain orange polo. Such cool colors!

2. Converse shoes - How I wish Kuya and Bunso can have matching pairs... cuteness overload! This will be a perfect match for the striped green polo above teehee! Well, his rubber shoes are usually in red and blue colors so the green one will be a welcome change.

3. Shirts - He's taller (99cms) and bigger (heavier at 17kgs) now and have outgrown most of his shirts ;p

4. Matching Pajama set - He has already outgrown his pajama too!

5. Mr. Bean underwear (size 4 na pala!) - I bought a Simpsons' underwear in Landmark, Trinoma... they're sooo affordable and comfy!

6. Socks -
gray or black for school

7. Wii games - Super Mario Galaxy 1 will do as well ;p

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