Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Surprisingly Good!

Last Sunday (October 23), hubby & I went with Enzo to attend the "Ecotreelogy" activity for his school's 44th Foundation Day. I thought there will be a film showing but instead, there was a stage play composed of games for the kids and 3 stories revolving around saving the trees. But that should be another post. Let me share with you instead where we had our lunch - Red Kimono at UP Ayala TechnoHub. It was surprisingly good even for someone who is not fond of Japanese food especially the raw kind.

This is what I order:Chicken Katsu Curry
This is just okay. I ordered it so that Enzo will have something to eat and the curry (which is served separately naman) is an interesting twist to the rather ordinary Chicken Katsu. But the curry sauce wasn't that spicy.

This noodle dish I love! Hubby likes it too. We liked it that much that even there is only little leftover, we still opted to take it home harharhar! I'm going back even just for this ;P

Hubby's order:

Hubby likes it. Hubby shared it with me and I did like it too more than my Chicken Katsu order. The sauce is a bit sweet.

Salmon Shots
Hubby likes this too. I didn't taste it so I'm not sure how good it really is. It looks yummy though, don't you think?

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