Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome to the Christian World, Rafa! (20 November 2011)

Bunso's baptism was held last November 20 at Santuario de San Antonio Parish. I really wanted to have his baptism before I go back to work. We initially wanted to have the baptism at Twin Hearts (where kuya Enzo was baptized) but we decided to avail of the merienda buffet in Kamayan considering the number of guests we are inviting (but if only we knew that only 89 pax of the 130-140 we have invited actually made it that Sunday, we could have gotten another restaurant... oh well... on Rafa's 1st birthday na lang). Going back to the reception venue, the only branch who has this promo is the one in Megamall and Glorietta. So we opted to just celebrate it in Makati.

Here is our family picture. HA! Ang payat ko dito ;P This time, I insisted to hubby that we will hire a photographer so that we could have family pictures. No regrets naman as the one I got - Jorem Catilo is sooo good and I looked nice in the pictures (no violent reactions...this is my blog!). I was trying to get Ging Lorenzo but she wasn't available on our date.

This is Rafa's baptism attire which I got from SM (for less than 500 bucks). I almost got the same one used by Enzo as I was looking at that design before opting to get this.

Of course, my boys have to change attire during the reception. This matching shirt and onesie I bought from Googoo & Gaga. The shirt of Enzo is a little bit wide on his neck (size is Toddler medium) and Rafa's onesie which is for 6-12 months (I believe) fits him just right at only 2 months. They look cute together. Oh! And they have matching shoes to boot hahaha!

Below is the cake I ordered from Belle of French Kiss. I also got from Belle the mini-cakes we gave as giveaways to the godparents. Plus we have availed of a photobooth to serve as souvenirs for the guests which was a hit (syempre Pinoy tayo! We love photo ops hahaha!). Now, am thinking what souvenirs we can have for his 1st birthday... maiba naman!

Now, it's time to plan for Rafa's 1st birthday... ooopps not yet! Maybe by April or May of next year...

Welcome Bunso to the Christian world!

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