Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Full Story

This is the story behind this post.

My brother texted me and Papa Saturday afternoon asking if we wanted to visit Lola and Tita in Batangas the next day since Monday is a holiday. I said ok but asked if we can come home a bit early as Lawrence has work the next day. Yup! Isa siya sa mga dakilang empleyado (standing ovation). We left QC at 5past and got to Cavite to pick-up my SIL and nephews around 6AM. We took the Cavite-Tagaytay-Lemery route. I didn't notice exactly what time we got there, maybe around 9AM. This is the house of my Lola and Tita standing in a wide, wide space that Josh, my nephew and Enzo had lots of fun exploring. Walang ganito sa condo namin!

And Enzo had fun playing with the goats... ...and rabbits, too! Hubby forgot to take pictures of the chickens.

Kuya got coconuts from the tree. Look at Enzo trying to carry one (ah! bigat).
This is Lola, my Papa's mother with Miguel (brother of Josh)...
...and Tita Ellen (Papa's sister).
This is the facade of Basilica de San Martin de Tours. The largest Basilica in the Philippines and in Asia. The image of Nuestra Señora de Caysasay can also be found here. We went here in the afternoon before going to the market. Just look at how beautiful this old Basilica... wow! And the ceiling is amazing.
This is a clearer picture of the one I earlier posted where hubby's camera seemed to focus on the "blue light." The focus now is on me and Rafa. The "blue light" is still visible but it moved compared to the photo I earlier posted. Check it out!
This is the altar where Nuestra Señora de Caysasay is. Can you see that "blue light" hovering over the altar?
Church goers can touch the image through the stairs at the back of the altar.
Here is a clear picture of the altar. The altar is at the right side of the front of the Basilica.
This is just me and Rafa after saying our prayer.
Honestly, hubby didn't do anything on the pictures. No photoshop, whatsoever! Except for our pictures, I told him not to enhance anymore the picture where the "blue light" is visible. We cannot explain what happened. None of us are photo experts. Tita told us though that Nuestra Señora de Caysasay is believed to be miraculous. Simply amazing!

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