Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good News, North Folks!

My dad just shared with me that Forever 21 will open a branch in SM The Block. Yipeey! I so love the dresses, blouses, shirts and accessories I got there. For me, their price is reasonable and even comparable to the local shops we have.

Here are some of the fabulous finds I got from Forever 21 (I cant't find the other pictures as they are most likely stored na in the external hard drive):

Can you see the orange-black-violet-green striped skirt am wearing? That's my latest loot from Forever 21. I have another skirt (gray-black stripes) which you will see in the next photo. I so love these skirts. I don't mind hoarding them. Trust me, it is very comfortable to wear. I wasn't even planning to get a new skirt and was just looking for accessories to give to my son's teachers for Christmas when I saw it on a rack with a big, yellow placard that says "SALE." Just had to grab it for only Php350. Sulit na! I'm planning to get at least 2 more of this kind of skirt during my shopping spree next month. Yup, it's my birthday and since we are on a "tipid mode," I'd like to go shopping to revamp my wardrobe instead of the regular pig outs we do on birthdays hahaha!

The blouse, on the other hand, is a gift from our Ninang last Christmas.

This is the other skirt...nice noh? I forgot na how much I got this but it wasn't on sale. There's a similar black & white stripes which I regret not getting. The white shirt is also from Forver 21. It has a cute design in front. Sayang I can't find the other pictures that will sana show you the cute details of this shirt.

This is a brown dress from Forever 21. It also has a belt. I was even able to wear it in the office when I was preggy. I just took out the belt.

The checkered blouse I'm wearing here (background: Sofitel) is another loot from Forever 21. I have another checkered polo but I can't find a picture of it. When I bought this, my Papa even commented "checkered na naman!"

See my headband... that's from Forever 21. I wear it when I feel "girly" for the day.

The new branch, according to my dad will be located where "Our Home" used to be. I wonder when they plan to open?

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