Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rafa @ 11! (07 August 2012)

I am able to blog exactly on Rafa's birthday. Classes and work have been suspended because of the unrelenting rain since yesterday.  News of flooded areas bring back memories of Ondoy.  I pray the rain, at least stop for a while so water will subside. 

Moving on to happier thoughts.  Rafa is now 11-months.  I'm so excited for his birthday.  In fact, we have already distributed the invitations #tooexcited.  Unfortunately, we don't have a cake to celebrate his last monthly birthday before he officially turns 1-year old.  We will probably opt for a late celebration tomorrow.  I don't think anyone will be doing delivery at this point or we can't really drive outside as it appears streets are flooded too. Hayz!

Let me post here a very recent pic of the 2 boys during Nanay's 90th birthday (hubby's grandmother).  I realized bagay pala kay Kuya the while long-sleeved polo... he looks so dashing.

Enzo with his cousins - Brent and Gabbie.
 And here is Rafa who is just too cute for words.
Warned you he's is such a cutie pie!

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