Monday, February 25, 2008

Blueberry Cheesecake by Five Cows

A day after my 29th birthday, I treated my family to lunch at Super Bowl, Trinoma. This was also the first time we brought Enzo to the mall and I have a very good excuse to my mom who still doesn't approve of bringing babies (younger than 6-month old) to the mall... it's my birthday! Of course, my family has to be complete =) My birthday (February 16) was spent bringing my son to his pedia for the monthly check-up and vaccination. Me & hubby were supposed to go out after bringing home Enzo to watch 27 Dresses but since he might incur fever, we decided to postpone our monthly date... yup! Me & hubby agreed that we will go out at least once a month either to watch a movie, eat lunch or dinner or whatever comes to mind without having to bring Enzo along. We'll see if Purefoods wins tomorrow, (Wednesday) then we'll end up watching the Game 7 Finals live on Friday as I promised hubby.

So on to my entry, after lunch, I brought my family to Five Cows, Trinoma for dessert. Me & hubby have been here a few times and we usually end up ordering the same dessert... "Blueberry Cheesecake." We both loved this... it's like enjoying your old-time favorite blueberry cheesecake and ice cream at the same time. Yummy!

We do try and check out the other desserts in their menu like during this particular visit, we also ordered their ice cream version of "Black Forest." It was just okay but not something I'll order again in our next visit. Maybe we'll try something else.

Another worthy dessert in their menu is the "Belgian Chocolate Mint" (I hope I got the name right?!). This is also yummy and for hubby who is not so fond of chocolate ice creams, he liked it! He just forgot to take a picture... haaay! This is what my nephew, Josh liked the best!

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