Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rule of Fours

Got this from Renz. I'll try my best to fill it up...

4 jobs i have had: (just two!)
Customer Service Representative in a leading telecommunication company (barely 2 months teehee!)
Executive Assistant in a graduate school (almost 8 years!)

4 movies i watched over and over:
Lord of the Rings trilogy (I even have the original extended DVD version. Teehee!)
Mighty Ducks
Harry Potter
Pretty Woman

4 places i have lived:
San Jose, San Luis, Batangas
H. Santos Street, Makati City
Tandang Sora, Quezon City
Novaliches, Quezon City

4 shows i watch:
TV Patrol World (Hubby always make it a point to watch the news so if he missed TV Patrol World, we tune in to News on Q. The problem without a cable TV is that we have no other choice!)
News on Q
Amazing Race & Survivor (used to watch every season until Enzo came along...)

4 people who email me:
my boss!
highschool/college friends
aunt from the U.S.

4 favorite things to eat:
"pinoy" spaghetti (even it's just Jollibee!)
four-cheese pizza
certified Hershey's lover
Quezo de Bola

4 places i would rather be:
Bali (I fell in love with this place... hope we'll have enough savings to go here someday for a well-deserved vacation.)
Paris (for a romantic get-away!)
US (I'd like to go to Disneyland... after all, I am still a kid at heart.)
New Zealand (to see Mordor! hahaha!)

4 things i look forward to this year:
Enzo's 1st Birthday
conference in Singapore (I missed last year's conference in Vietnam because I am about to pop at that time!)
family trip in Singapore (hoping right after the conference...)
or a family trip in Bohol (sometime December)

I'm tagging Kaye, Abi, Wanda,and Vanessa. Looking forward to your answers.

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  1. hi sis. ngayon ko lang nakita. Thanks for the tag. dami ko na utang na tag! waaaah... =p

    Have a great day!