Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Leave or Not to Leave...

Late last night, hubby's former colleague called to offer him a job in Qatar (He first thought his officemate was based in Dubai, sayang?!). The offer is tempting I must say... imagine it's double of our salaries combined and more! However, my hubby is hesitant to leave me and our son who is only 5-month old. I can't blame him because I, myself whose father is a former OFW knows the sacrifices it entail. And do I really want to be left behind?! We are a young family and I bet, we will be able to adapt well to a new country given the opportunity. Oh Lord, please give us a sign that this is IT. I guess "our conditions" have to be met before we even consider leaving...

1. Will they provide housing allowance for hubby? Family?
2. Will they shoulder the airfare of hubby? Family? His officemate told him that he can bring his family along...hmmm....
3. Will they extend the visa to me & Enzo?
4. Will they pay for his airfare when he goes on vacation? Is it once a year or every six months?

The good thing about the call, it made us realize that we are open to this possibility... of leaving on a far away land... huhuhu! Well, as long as "our conditions" are met so it might not happen after all but if it does then, it must be our faith.

Anyone been to Qatar? Is it an open city? Is it nice?


  1. hi sheryll, we're almost on the same boat...hubby's got an offer in Dubai naman..we haven't decided though..i definitely would encourage you to move as a family if ever, as you said, yours is a young family, mas maganda kung magkakasama kayo... goodluck :)

  2. it's hard. i was separated from my husband for almost 9 months LANG super hirap! i honestly admire families with an OFW parent or sibling.