Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1st Birthday Preps

I know... I know... my lil boy is only turning 6-month old. I guess that's the OCness in me working. And besides, early planning will help me spread out the expenses of throwing a birthday party.

Hubby and I were initially thinking of celebrating Enzo's first birthday over lunch or dinner with both of our families. We were thinking that Enzo is still young and will probably not remember it anyway. But I realized that we have to give him a kiddie party since it's his 1st birthday party... a celebration of a life that God entrusted to us. Oh well, I can show him the pictures when he's bit older.

His party won't be a big, grand affair but I want it to be special, different. In the past few weeks, I have called/emailed/texted party coordinators to give me an idea of a "workable" budget. I'm thankful I got to know Jhoanne Henson-Alon, a fellow n@wie (yahoogroup of newlyweds). I have not met her yet or even talked to her on the phone but I feel (instinct) that she will be able to deliver. We are communicating by e-mail for now and I still have to pay her 50% downpayment in order to confirm our service agreement. I'm getting from her most of what I basically need for my lil boy's party. Here's a breakdown:

venue... my officemate will sponsor me so I can book the function room in her condo. I have yet to visit the place and book it.

caterer... I have a pretty good idea whom to get. She is the tita of my cousin's wife. I have attended a few of their parties and I can guarantee the food is yummy and the best part (I was told) is that they work on your budget. Yummy yet affordable... the best deal!

cake... of course, there has to be a cake. I wanted a 10" all edible cake (one layer) with a 3d topper.

ice cream cart... for dessert, of course.

host/magician... I didn't realize that hosts/magicians nowadays cost a fortune... hahaha! But hubby and I decided we will get one to entertain the kids (as well as the adults).

decor... since we only have this certain budget for the party, I'm only getting table centerpieces which will match our party theme. Yes, we do have a theme in mind already.

loot bags... this is personalized and useful for the little ones. I wanted to be different from the usual loot bags we get from kiddie parties.

invites... my do-it-yourself project!

These are basically what we NEED. If only we have the luxury to spend more for our lil boy's birthday then I would not think twice of availing these other party amenities... face painting, mini cupcake with topper and character cookie lollipop, "decorate your own cupcake" activity, photographer, pritchon.

My hubby is also a photographer but the problem is that we will have few family pictures if he will be the one behind the lens. Oh well, we do have a tripod, I guess that will do.

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  1. wow. dati wedding lang. ngayon kids party na... waaah inggit ako!