Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New buzz in town!

I was bloghopping late this afternoon when I chanced upon the post of Issa on Snapbomb. For those who regularly drop by my blog and read my updates, you probably know by now that I have recently joined this latest buzz.

Like I told you, I’m just new to blog marketing and I can fairly say that I’m getting hooked already. Why? For one, I love to write even way back my elementary days. And being able to earn at the same time is a major consideration. They call it blog advertising, I call it OI (other income).

It’s so easy to join, you only have to sign up and provide them your blog address. It’s also cool that they are able to assess your blog’s Base Value. The Base Value is what you will get from Snapbomb for writing a post. But don’t fret if you think it’s a bit low (like mine) since they said the Base Value will adjust based on how well you matched up to a particular opportunity. So, I remain hopeful. Not only that, they also provide you feedback/comments on your posts which is a big help for beginners like me. Imagine, they actually help you to be able to earn more from this new form of advertising and become a pro in no time.

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  1. sis, paano ito? interested din ako...explain further po...hehehe