Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boracay, here we come!

I read from a n@wie's e-mail (forgot her name, sorry sis!) about the 12,000 free seats promo of Asian Spirit. I checked their site here and could not resist but to book ourselves. I got ALL our tickets yesterday for only PhP5,902.40! Sale period is until 30 April 2008. So, so excited! Mainly because this is our first time in Boracay. Would you believe? At this age?! hahaha! And I'm so, so excited too because we are bringing Enzo along. Imagine, my son at 0-year old will be able to experience Bora!

This is our 1st family adventure. Hubby and I talked about going out of town or out of the country when money permits at least once a year. It's one of our dreams to travel and thankfully, it's coming true this July. So we will need to move our Bohol getaway to hopefully, next year.

Now, if you read my post and you've been to Boracay, can you suggest a nice hotel to stay preferably beachfront and with swimming pool. How does Patio Pacific Resort, Le Soleil de Boracay sounds? Oh... and any suggested place to dine, must try, must not miss while we are there?


  1. Lucky you...I was planning for our Boracay this year as well but sad to say, postponed muna sya =(

  2. great bargain, sarap mag-bora! for beach front hotel try waling waling or boracay regency, sis :) enjoy

  3. hi sheryll! i am sure you and hubby will enjoy bora. for the hotel, you can also try two seasons - located at station 1, beach front and it has a pool or you can also try las brisas - station 1, beach front and it also has a pool plus reasonable price.

    you must try to the choco banana peanut shake of jonahs, the chorizo burger being sold by the locals, and of course get a massage. if you like accessories --- there are lots to choose from! enjoy!!! :-)

  4. hi sis! congrats, good buy! boracay regency is the best for me, beachfront and station 2. station 3, i read about One MGM. newly-renovated sya. sa station 1, try The Tides. bago rin. :)

    oh and please, please, don't forget to try Jonah's fruitshakes there at Station 1, beside Pier One and Andok's near D'mall. promise, iba lasa ng andok's dun. hahaha.