Monday, April 21, 2008

A Series of "Un-Fortunate" Events

We had an "unfortunate" and a very "fortunate" events yesterday (20 April 2008). MIL texted hubby last week that they are visiting us on Sunday. His brother texted him in the morning asking if we are going to Trinoma. Definitely, it's a yes so we can take this chance to bring Enzo along since they are bringing a car. We rarely bring Enzo to the mall because I don't think babies (his age) can appreciate the "mall" yet besides we don't have an umbroller and Enzo is now heavy at 8kgs. I bet he is clueless but amazed at his surrounding. Ohhh... we have the bulky stroller which we borrowed from my Kuya but it's really just too bulky and too heavy to be bringing around.

We were expecting them at around 2PM but they were running late. I already fell asleep with Enzo sleeping beside me while hubby is watching T.V. When I woke up, it's 3PM already. Hubby and I were just talking while lying in bed (Enzo in between us still sound asleep) when we heard a loud thud. Startled, hubby went out of the room to check and surprised to see the Aqua 2000 container on the floor. Hubby had just put it up in the kitchen counter early that morning so it was still full. Horror! Imagine there is a flood in our 3rd floor condo hahaha! We're in a hurry to clean up because my in-laws are probably on the way already. It's a good thing we were almost finished when they got there or else they will have to swim hahaha! This is my tale of our "unfortunate" event.

Off we went to Trinoma. When we got there, hubby and I were supposed to go to that PhP88 store (Japan store) to buy a non-slip mat we can use for the Aqua 2000 container but MIL said to hubby that we will buy an umbroller first so we don't have to carry Enzo. Yahooo! That's one item off our wish list courtesy of my in-laws... thank you so so much! It is indeed a "fortunate" event for us! No picture yet of the Disney umbroller because hubby forgot his memory stick in the office huhuhu!

Hubby, on the other hand, is convincing his brother (Enzo's Ninong too) to buy Enzo "Crocs" in time for our Bora trip. I would love this Mickey red crocs for my baby (picture on your left)! Hubby said it's around PhP 1,800. I told hubby maybe we can just get the Nike sandals we saw which is only PhP1,200 (I believe) plus the Havaianas slippers we saw for roughly PhP600. At least, that's two for the price of one hahaha! The style I want for my baby is this or even this will do. We're crossing our fingers and hoping and praying...

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